1. All  equipment included accessories has the lessor delivered to the lessee in perfect order, that the lessee has inspected itself. The lessee has also acquired knowledge on use and handling of the equipment.

2. The lessee shall take full care of the rented equipment while he has it on a lease, such as lubrication, lubricating oil, fuel, cleaning, etcsc.

3. The lessee is responsible for any damages that may occur on the equipment and its accessories due to wrong and/or careless handling.

4. The lessee bears full responsibility if the equipment if lost or stolen from his possession. Bears the the lessee to pay in full the estimated value of the equipment, as well as paying rent to the time that the settlement has been carried out.

5. The lessor is in no way responsible for accidents or damage which could be caused by the use, treatment or transport of the equipment he rents out. The same applies to a work stoppage which is caused due to the failure of rented equipment.

 6. Rent is calculated from the time that the equipment is delivered to the lessee until it is returned to the lessor again. Minimum rent always applies.

7. On long term rent, the lessor claims rent on a monthly basis according to invoice. If invoice is not paid 20 days after issue the highest legal penalty interest can be applied.

8. On long-term rent  5 days are calculated as paid and the weekends free, the lessee is though free to use the leased also on weekends but service is not carried out earlier than the first working day after the weekend, same applies to statutory holidays, the lessee can, however, take advantage of emergency service against a fee outside working hours.

9. The rent fee may change according to tariff on rental period. The lessor reserves the right to calculate the rent according to the new tariff when it takes effect.

 10. The lessee is prohibited to lend or sublease the equipment that he has on rent without the written permission of the lessor

11. The lessee pays all costs of transportation of the leased equipment.

 12. The lessor has  at any time he pleases to view the state of the equipment.

13. If the lessee does not return the lease payments or violates the lease aggreement in any way, the lessor may claim the leased property from the lessee, but is not obligated to do so  The lessor can get  assistance from  police or relevant sheriff. The lessee bears all costs of these actions.