Tæki.is is well grown company that puts all it´s effort in professional service and happy customers. We are proud to say that we have been in buisness for several years now and intend to continue on the successful path we have been on so far. 

Tæki.is was included in the list of outstanding companies on Creditinfo’s list in 2023 and an outstanding company in operation according to Keldan.

Fyrsti körfubíllinn

Major changes were provided in construction buisness by arrival of the first truck mounted unit on Iceland when Thorsteinn Audun Pétursson purchaced it in the military sales back in 1982. From this point on contractors started to use truck mounted units for work in heights, the first project was on Austurgata 7. in Hafnarfjordur in home of Karl Audunsson Thorsteins uncle but the project was to repair window frames on the 16 of June 1982.

In 2004, the company expanded, with new boom lifts, scissor lifts, mini excavators, generators and a variety of other equipment to meet the growing demand on the market.

Akranes traktorinn

The Taeki.is owners ancestor Þórður Ásmundsson was a pioneer in import and operation of machines in Iceland and was the first tractor who came to the island imported by him. this tractor was of Avery type with kerosene engine and with two flat lying cylenders. The tractor was 16 horsepower, weight around 10 tons, 1.5 m wide and 3.5 m long. The tractor could draw 3 plows.

The tractor which was used over the next few years on Akranes though mainly in Elínarhöfði (farm in Iceland) and was it the first indicator of large-scale cultivation in Iceland less than ten years after his arrival. The Agricultural Revolution in iceland, which began with the introduction of tractors in 1928 and 1929, is a direct continuation of the work that began in cultivation in Akranes at the end of the First World War.


Fyrirspurn / Til sölu

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Fyrirspurn / Tilboð í leigu

Ef þig vantar tilboð í leigu á tæki eða ert með fyrirspurn, fylltu þá út formið og við höfum samband eins fljótt og auðið er.