Caterpillar TH414 Model year 2013


Due to the endurnýunar we are with 2 pcs Cat TH414c for sale great telescopic which have served us well these is both used for about 5000 hours Recent tires and dealing delivered nýsmurðir and ready for work  

price: 6.400.000 without vat 

                                                      New and used JLG scissorlifts



Provide all types of skæralyftum from JLG, squats afgreiðslufrestur and the possibility of lánslyftu while you are waiting for the new elevator, but JLG is one of the foremost manufacturer in the world on such machines. An example of the price ! JLG 1932R a one-year warranty and 5 years on structural 1.790.000 kr. without the vat, but this size is one of the most popular both in rent and for those who want a lift themselves.


Einng are in stock used skæralyftur to the front desk immediately a few pieces of JLG 1930 es on the bid prices of 750,000 kr. without vat, JLG 2630es on 950.000 kr. without vat and JLG 3246es of 1.400.000 without vat these machines are all model year 2006 - 2007

                                                    Goldoni Ronin 50 mini tractor


Salt/sand spreader snjótönn the hydraulic fluid cutouts both front and rear can put various accessories on the engine tild. snjóblásra or broom, a real smash gadget, the machine is virtually unused and is árg. 2018. She is now equipped with snjótönn and salt/sand dreifara Price 4.200.000 without vat